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Our team will help you design and build the perfect pond or water feature that will provide years of enjoyment and relaxation. With the help of our experienced staff, you can create a beautiful and tranquil environment in your own back garden.


Ponds are the perfect addition to any landscaping project. Crafted from durable materials, they are designed to last for years and provide a beautiful aesthetic to any garden. Ponds can be custom built in a variety of sizes and shapes,  that fits your specific needs. The perfect addition to any outdoor space offering a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere and provides a habitat for wildlife.

water features

Unique water features add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Our experienced team of landscapers can design and install a variety of water features, from cascading waterfalls to tranquil ponds. We guarantee our work will be of the highest quality and will bring a unique and inviting atmosphere to your home.

  • Bespoke ponds

  • Wildlife Ponds 

  • Brick built pondS

At Complete Landscaping Cheltenham, we offer a full range of landscaping services, from design to installatioN. to help you create your perfect outdoor living space.


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